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The Box of Meccano, Cyber Swapmeet was set up to help fellow enthusiasts trade and sell surplus Meccano parts and literature (similar construction systems may be listed).
To sell on this page just send an Email to BIG Trev stating the Part Number, Description/Condition, Quantity and Price of each part along with your Email address and Country of origin.
Please Note a maximum of 15 different items applies at any one time. Items will be removed after one month to make room for new listings, they can be relisted at a later date. Items must have a set price and/or be for swap only.
I accept no responsibilty for items sold or problems arising from the sale of items on this page. If you have a problem with a seller please let me know so they can be removed from the list. I won't settle arguments about the actual sale. Sellers can notify me of sold items at the above Email address and the item will be removed from the list.
To buy a part just browse through the listings and contact the seller. I will not answer questions about listed items only about listing items.
Now that we've got the technical bit out of the way Have Fun.

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Meccano Manuals, Pre-war Meccano Magazines and booklets for sale (price A$ plus postage). Manuals- Instructions for No 1 Outfit 1939, 39.1 $25; No 1 1980 $5. Magazines- Jan 1923, photocopy, $5; Dec 1928, repro cover, $15; April 1929, repro cover, $18; Aug 1929, repro cover, $15; Jan 1930 repro cover, $15; Jun 1930, complete $20; Sep 1930, complete, $20; Sep 1930, repro cover, $18; Oct 1930, complete, $20; Nov 1930, complete, $20; Complete year 1931, repro covers Jan, Feb, Mar, Jul and Dec $150. Booklets- Adventures in Meccanoland 1927, colour cover repro $10; A Wonder Book of Toys, 1939/40 reprint, $15; Meccanoland, 1920, colour cover repro, $10; The Meccanograph Manual 1916, photocopy $4. Email Tony Press in Melbourne, Australia at kpress@melbpc.org.au (listed 20-02-01)
I have Meccano Magazines that includes everything from #1 except that #1,2,3,4,6,7,8,11 are repros. They are ALL with covers and are as near mint as makes no difference! Most are bound by "Duncan's" who were the original binders for Meccano Ltd., but some are bound to look the same as Duncan's. Details are: Bound from issue 14 (Sept/Oct 1920) in BLUE to end of 1927, (These are not Duncan's bindings).The rest are bound in MAROON to end of 1972.(A few of these maroon years' are not Duncan's, but look like them) The bindings are "professional" in quality throughout. Most are leather bound! I do not really wish to sell them - I would prefer to exchange them for other items I collect, such as Tinplate toys, "O" gauge locos, Flying model aeroplane items, (engines in particular, but also anything else including Model Aeroplane (flying sort!) magazines previous to 1955). I can provide digital photos of anything over the 'net if required. Offer me anything else if you like - I can always say no! I also have Electron, Kemex, Part#167 ( all near mint and boxed) etc. I might consider loose copies of MM's in similar condition and period, in part exchange too if of any help! David Lloyd-Jones. I am based in the UK and can be contacted on dlj@dlj702.com (listed 2-2-01)
I have the following meccano magazines for sale (varying conditions): March 1949-December 1949 January 1950-December 1950 (Bound in one volume) January 1951-December 1953 November 1959 Looking for offer (postage paid by buyer) Please Contact Owen in the UK at owen.horsfall@bnfl.com (listed 30-8-00)
I am looking for 5 Meccano rectangular gold (or failing that, the later light green) 1950s parts tins. If anyone can help, please contact Paul Johnstone, Melbourne, Australia pj@alphalink.com.au (listed 30-7-00)
I have a Digger Bucket (part #169) in grey (thinner guage) that is in fair/good condition. I also have a Circular Saw blade (part #159) and a flanged plate with slots (part #52). The flanged plate needs repainting. I would like to swap these parts for channel segments (part #119). The channel segments can be any colour, and replicas would be OK. Please contact Andrew Jardine in NZ at ajardine@commerce.otago.ac.nz (listed 21-7-00)
I am looking for a #7 set red/green, 50's era in red box with yellow label and the lift bridge. Will swap for #7 red/green in red box with the block setting crane. Also wanted 2(a), 4(a) and 6(a) red/green in red box with green label and boy in blue shirt. Will swap 2(a), 4(a) red/green, red box with boy in green jacket or a #3 red/green, red box with block setting crane. Contact Lloyd Schneider at karen.lloyd@sympatico.ca in Canada. (listed 14-6-00)
Wanted, 1960's red cover manuals 2/3 with printers reference 263/90 in English/Spanish/Portugese/Norwegian and Swedish version, 4/5/6 dated 669/40 in same languages. 1970's blue and yellow cover manuals for outfit 4 and 5/6/7, undated with Meccano-Triang reference. 1970's mechanisms manuals, Meccano Triang 2nd Impression and 1975 Meccano Ltd. All post war 00, 0, 0A, playset and 70's series no 1 manuals. I have other editions of the same manuals available to take their place in your files or would consider swap for parts - or even money. Contact Clive in the UK, clive@westons.org.uk (listed 14-6-00)
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