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The Story of a Little Lemon.

Andre Citroen's manufacturing career started in 1913 when he began production of gearwheels in Paris. The Citroen double chevron emblem was derived from the the tooth shape on some of these gears.

Citroen's first production car the 5cv type A was built in 1919 and was superceeded by the type B2 and then the short wheelbase type C in 1921. The type C was first shown to the public at the 1921 Paris motor show and soon became a huge success.

During its production the type C was given the nickname "Petite Citron" (Little Lemon) due to its most popular colour (bright yellow) and not its performance.

Production continued with various body and seating designs until 1926.

My Car
The car came from my sister's home in Bridgewater on Loddon in Central Victoria (Australia). It belonged to the late Mr. John Patterson who I believe is one of the gentlemen in the photograph and Mrs. Mary Hattie Patterson his wife.

The current owner was contacted and the car purchased. I located a large quantity of spare parts in another shed on the property and purchased them as well.

I haven't started on the restoration yet as I'm still trying to locate the missing parts which are mainly the Solex carburettor, SEV magneto and a body with all fixtures. My plan is to fully restore the chassis, engine and drive train whilst looking for a body to restore at a later date.

For a list of all the parts needed to complete this restoration click here.

Please contact BIG Trev if you have any parts or information on this car.

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Technical Specifications.


  • 4 cylinder, side valve
  • cast block, 2 bearing crankshaft
  • splash lubrication
  • Solex brass carburettor
  • Bore: 55mm (2.165")
  • Stroke: 90mm (3.543")
  • Capacity: 856cc (52.24 cu ins)
  • 11HP (8Kw) at 2,100 rpm
  • Thermo siphon cooling system
  • no water pump or fan
  • original design distributor
    and coil system
  • or SEV (Societe Anonyme
    L'Equipment Electrique
    des Vehicules) Magneto
  • 3 speed gearbox
  • single plate dry clutch
  • Hardi flector type universal
  • 4 quater-elliptic springs
  • drums on rear wheels
  • drum on gearbox output shaft
  • left pedal= clutch
  • center pedal= accellerator
  • right pedal= single drum brake
    on gearbox output shaft
  • handbrake lever= both rear drums
  • gear selector= centrally mounted
    ball change
  • Steering wheel= 3 spoke aluminium with wooden grip
  • Wheelbase: 2.25m (7'4.5")
  • Track: front 1.18m (3'10.5")
  • Track: rear 1.18m (3'10.5")
  • Overall length: 3.2m (10'6")
  • Overall width: 1.4m (4'7")
  • Overall height: 1.55m (5'1")